Unsecured Business Loan

In an ideal world, your business would start generating a fabulous profit for you from day one, and your business would continue to support its overhead, provide for growth and yield a generous profit to you on a regular basis.

However, as a business owner, you understand that it takes a considerable amount of capital to start a business, and you may need to feed money into your company from time to time to roll out new products, expand into new territories and even cover your expenses during slow periods.

This is the nature of business. Many Singapore business owners will apply for a SME loan Singapore at some point, but many loans require you to pledge personal assets, provide personal tax returns and take other significant steps. However, you can apply for a no doc business loan and more easily obtain the money you need.

The Benefits

There are several key benefits that you can enjoy when you apply for a no doc business loan. For example, you can save time and effort with this type of loan. While you may need to fill out a loan application before you can be approved for your loan, you will not need to gather together your tax returns, business financial statements, bank statements and other documents.

In addition, you will not need to pledge your personal collateral. Some loan programs in Singapore, for example, may require you to pledge your personal residence or your car, but this is not necessary with a no doc business loan.

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