Singapore Street Food

One of the many wonderful delights of Singapore is that you can walk the streets and find all types of wonderful food. The simple food stations that line the streets may not have five star ratings, but nevertheless, they rein supreme in the cuisine they serve.

Although many of the food stands have been moved from the street proper to the inside streets of the food courts, none of the flavor or the charm has been lost. You can go from station to station and choose the foods and drinks that reflect flavors from China, India, America and Malaysia. Then move to the little tables on the sidewalk and settle in to enjoy one of the most amazing meals of your life.

Enjoy dining on free-range chicken served in an array of dishes from the very basic chicken rice to the wonderfully sophisticated. Boiled or roasted, get ready for a banquet of flavor delivered by the wide array of spices used by the very talented Singapore street chefs.

For anyone who has experienced the Singapore cuisine, it becomes quickly clear that the food is meant to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

Whether you are enjoying a sophisticated dinner or you are in the midst of a challenging poker game, you can satisfy your hunger with one of the wonderful dishes on the Singapore menu. For example, you might want to try a fish maw soup with sea cucumber, or perhaps steamed radish cakes served with a fried radish topping. Or maybe a sausage like concoction of fish, coconut milk, herbs and chili paste wrapped and cooked in a banana leaf is more to your style.

If your taste runs more to rice and noodles you will find those dishes too. You can choose noodles served in a succulent coconut curry soup, along with shallots, bean sprouts and tofu, which are not only satisfying, but also stimulating. If you are in the midst of a tense poker game, Singapore food can leave you feeling mentally stimulated and full of energy.

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