Invention Help Companies: A Guide for Aspiring Inventors

Invention companies play a crucial role in assisting inventors by bringing their ideas to life. These companies provide a range of services and resources to help inventors navigate the complex process of turning an idea into a marketable product.

What Are Invention Help Companies?

Invention help companies, like InventHelp, are organizations that specialize in assisting inventors in the development, protection, and marketing of their inventions. They provide expert guidance, resources, and support throughout the invention process, from idea conception to product launch. These companies often have a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds, including engineers, patent attorneys, and marketing experts, who work together to help inventors achieve their goals.

Services Offered by Invention Help Companies

Invention help companies offer a wide range of services to support inventors at various stages of the invention process. Some of the key services include:

Idea Evaluation and Refinement

Invention help companies assist inventors in evaluating the feasibility and potential of their ideas. They provide feedback and suggestions to help refine the concept and identify potential challenges that may arise during the development process.

Patent Assistance

Protecting intellectual property is a critical aspect of the invention process. Invention help companies often provide patent referral services, connecting inventors with experienced patent attorneys who can help them secure the necessary protection for their ideas.

Prototype Development

Creating a prototype is an essential step in the invention process, as it allows inventors to test their ideas and make necessary modifications. Invention help companies can assist with the development of prototypes, providing access to resources such as 3D printing, engineering expertise, and manufacturing facilities.

Marketing Assistance

Invention help companies also offer marketing support to inventors, helping them develop marketing strategies, create promotional materials, and identify potential buyers or licensees for their products.

Licensing Support

For inventors who wish to license their invention to a third party, invention help companies can provide assistance in negotiating licensing agreements and ensuring that the inventor’s interests are protected.

Choosing the Right Invention Help Company

Not all invention help companies are created equal. When choosing a company to work with, inventors should consider factors such as the company’s track record, the expertise of its team members, and the range of services it offers. It is also essential to ensure that the company maintains strict confidentiality policies to protect the inventor’s intellectual property. InventHelp ticks all of these boxes and more. The company has a proven track record of helping inventors to bring their ideas to life, and its team members are experts in their fields.

If you think you have a great invention idea, InventHelp can help you to determine whether it is viable and marketable. If your idea passes this initial screening, the company will provide assistance in developing a prototype of the invention, which can be used to attract investors and manufacturers.


Invention help companies play a vital role in supporting inventors throughout the invention process. By offering a range of services, including idea evaluation, patent assistance, prototype development, marketing support, and licensing guidance, these companies provide the necessary resources and expertise for inventors to turn their ideas into successful products. For aspiring inventors, partnering with a reputable invention help company can be the key to unlocking their innovation’s full potential.

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