Can You Afford Two House Payments

Moving can be the best thing for you and your family when you have somewhere better to move to or a better job to go to. Perhaps you are moving closer to your family members or relocating due to a death in the family or a divorce. In any case, what happens to many is that they end up paying for two houses at once. This is the worst time for that added expense as moving is costly in itself. You must pay for a truck or movers, the utilities and deposits on the new place, and to refurnish the new house according to what you need.

When you already have a home and need to move to another, the best thing, of course, would be to sell the old house before you buy the new one or begin paying rent or lease on a new one. The trouble with that scenario is that it is unrealistic and almost never goes that smoothly. What more likely happens is that families are burdened with the double payment for a while. Not only that, but when the old house is on the market, you must still pay for someone to mow the lawn, water the plants, and keep it looking good so when buyers do come to look it is desirable and clean.

This may become impossible for you to keep up and the current market trends aren’t promising. It takes many months or longer to sell a house in Atlanta these days. If you can’t manage that kind of time frame your best option is to call a home buying company, such as, to buy your house right away for cash. This is the solution that many Americans are finding to be just what they need in this situation. The house is sold to the investor at a 20 to 30% discount off the current market value price, but the home buying company usually pay right away. This means you’ll be able to pay off your mortgage and stop worrying about the old house and when it will sell.

The discounted amount you’ll receive may sound like a deep discount, but if you add up the expenses of hanging on to the house until it sells for more, you may discover that any equity you may have will be soon gone, and you will end up with the same amount you’d get from an investor. The difference is that investors do most of the work and charge no fees.

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