Month: May 2022

What a Dog Groomer Does

Dog groomers are the beauticians and barbers of the dog world. Their duties include bathing, trimming, brushing, combing, and styling the coat. They also trim nails, clean the dog’s teeth, and are responsible for flea treatments, and other parasites. Generally speaking, the groomer oversees and maintains the exterior health of the dog. You can take your dog to the groomer or you can call mobile pet grooming Altamonte Springs services who will come to your home.

Many times internal health problems are reflected in the skin, coat, or the nails of the dog, and conversely, the internal health may be affected by issues that the groomer detects, such as a tick or puncture wound.

The groomer may also be the first person to notice problems like posture abnormalities, or irregularities with the dog’s gait, which are common occurrences with aging dogs. In these cases, the groomer may be the first one to inform a dog’s owner of possible nutritional deficiencies, and the need for veterinary assistance.

A standard grooming session for a dog includes:

  • A bath
  • A trim that includes special attention to clipping and/or shaving
  • Penal gland and anal gland expression
  • Nail trim if needed
  • Ear cleaning and plucking of the hairs in the canal if needed
  • Clean the teeth if needed
  • An eyelash trim

Dog groomers should also check with the owner before adorning the dog with bows and perfume, especially male dogs.

This standard treatment takes about an hour.

Missing Teeth Options

Dental Tips jhytt

A dental implant is an artificial root that is implanted in the jawbone after extracting a tooth. Dental implants are made of a metal such as titanium. Given sufficient time, the bone fuses with the metallic root. The metallic root carries an attachment that appears over the gumline. Dentures or dental bridges can be screwed on to this attachment.

For a dental implant, a patient must have gums that are healthy, have sufficiently thick jawbones and be medically fit. Not everyone is fit enough for dental implants to work on them. So if you live in Daytona Beach you should visit Envision Dental – Port Orange dental implants specialists to get checked if you are a good candidate for dental implants.

Dental Tips jhytt

The advantage of a dental implant lies in its being completely fixed and secure. Further, no adjacent teeth need to be prepared, as is a requirement with crowns, so no grinding is necessary on good teeth. Implants can also range the space of many missing teeth.

Dental implants are costly and invasive. Also, the implant procedure together with fixing of artificial teeth takes quite a long time, which may at least extend to several months. Further, this cost may not even be covered by dental insurance. Dental implants are associated with some discomfort at least.

A dental bridge is another option for one or two missing teeth that have two good natural teeth adjacent them, available one on either side.

In a dental bridge, the two teeth adjacent to a missing tooth are prepared for crowns, necessary impressions taken, and the crowns made in a dental laboratory. When these crowns are prepared in the lab, what is additionally done is to attach an artificial tooth in-between the two crowns. The two crowns and the artificial tooth in-between them forms the dental bridge, made of porcelain and gold.

Removable partial dentures form the third option for three or more missing teeth. Removable full dentures are used when all teeth are required to be replaced.