Month: July 2020

30th Birthday Presents

Even though they have probably been out in the working world awhile, and have acquired lots of things, there are creative solutions to finding 30th birthday presents and here are some ideas for that Special 30th bday presents for your loved ones.

Classic Gifts

Certain types of gifts are timeless and never go out of style. Watches and jewelry can be given to someone on their 30th birthday, or at any time of their life. Make a classic gift of this nature more memorable by having the jewelry engraved with the significance of that particular birthday. Also there are certain things that we all need and use, but we never think to buy for ourselves such as a wallet, or a pair of good quality slippers or picture frames.

Fitness and Sports Gear

Do they enjoy fitness activities, going to the gym or doing sports? Get them some workout wear, sporting equipment or related accessories. Also related to the fitness and sports theme are books and DVD’s related to their favorite activity. If you can’t find a gift that relates to them participating in fitness and sports activities, perhaps they would like tickets to a sporting event.

Master Class

By achieving the 30th year, the birthday person has probably acquired a fair amount of life experience. If they have a special interest or talent, you could give them the gift of a master class in something they have experience with ie: poker playing, wine tasting, pool playing, glass blowing etc. Make sure the class takes place at an advanced level.


Is there somewhere in the world they have always wanted to visit, but haven’t quite made it yet? You may not be able to afford to pay for the trip, as a 30th birthday present, but you can always buy them a book about that part of the world, or a travel guide in anticipation of taking a trip. Or perhaps you could get them some travel accessories, such as a special waterproof pouch for keeping important travel documents and tickets on their person.

The Gift of an Experience

Is there anything that the soon to be 30 year old has secretly wanted to try, but for one reason or another has never gotten around to doing? Have they always wanted to swing on a trapeze, go rock climbing, drive a jaguar, learn how to ballroom dance, ride a horse, or learn how to cook Chinese food? Find out what they have always wanted to try, and give them that experience for a 30th birthday present.

The Gift of Relaxation

Are they overworked and stressed out? They could benefit from the gift of relaxation. How about a trip to the spa for a massage, manicure and pedicure? Perhaps relaxation could take the form of a break from life’s responsibilities. Have a professional cleaning company come in and clean the house from top to bottom, or have gourmet, pre-prepared, healthy meals delivered to their home for one to two weeks.

Helicopter rentals

Companies offering helicopter charter service have access to huge number of terminals all over the city. Hence there is no worry about getting delayed for reaching the airport on time. Also the frequency of helicopter departure is very high in this case, which is an advantage of traveling over any general helicopter which needs hours together to fly once we check-in.

Companies have engaged a couple of helicopter charter service providers especially for their frequently traveling employees. Helicopter companies, such as Bekaa Air and you can learn more about their company from their Profile on MyVidster, certainly have highly dedicated crew members who are highly experienced and dedicated to their work and are ready to fly 24×7.

You just have to make one quick call and your scheduling is done in few minutes. The customer care professionals are highly caring and schedule your flights perfectly on the required date and time. For people who are bit more affordable, they can even hire this executive helicopter charter services when the whole family is traveling from one place to the other for some functions or family tours.

The Pre-Requisites of becoming an Underwater Welder

People who work as Underwater Welder earn a good amount of money as income because of the fact that their job is highly skilled and dangerous. In order to become an underwater welder you should have that confidence of being made up of the right stuff and if you fail to do so then you will definitely find yourself in deep waters. You should have an experience of more than three years in the form of a commercial welder and the welding skills possessed by you should be more than average. The diving aspect should also not be taken lightly because possessing commercial diving skills in this job field is very important.


It is absolutely true that it takes just nine months to qualify to become underwater welder but this is just the beginning of a journey that is indeed very long. Training to become a commercial or underwater diver is neither easy nor cheap. The best thing that you should do when training to become an underwater welder is to keep your diving issues aside and concentrate more on your welding career first.


When trying to approach the route to commercial diving, there are some very important steps that should be taken by you. First and foremost, you should apply for a training course in scuba diving. Dive training is not very difficult and it can easily be practiced in the local swimming pool. However, open water training is necessary for achieving the PADI certificate. Commercial diving is a bit difficult and intense and you need to be properly trained on environmental and safety issues along with practical maneuvers. It is also mandatory for you to pass a basic diving and physical test before you start being accepted for programs. Underwater welder salary is quite good and it is always advisable to go for a career in underwater diving.